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5 Days

| Posted by Harlan

In just 5 short days, we’ll board a plane at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and begin our journey to Watford, Hertfordshire in the Northwest corner of London, England. From the moment we felt the pull of this decision to now has felt like a whirlwind and has reached it’s climax much more quickly than we expected.

The excitement level is high in our home, and of course the anxiety level is as well. The majority of our planning and preparation has been smooth, and for the most part, we’re ready to go. On the other hand, we’ve had our difficulties – Yvette’s appendix being a surprise hiccup – and securing a flat has proved difficult, and at the moment we’re looking at boarding our flight without a home secured. We’re stressed about this, obviously, but we’re counting on the right doors to open and the right place to become available. No matter what happens, we’ve been assured we won’t be homeless!

Many people have been asking how they can support us along the way, and we are very grateful for that. We’ve been unsure exactly what to call this time – whether it be a mission trip or an exploratory trip for future mission work, or simply an opportunity for us to answer a call on our life to serve a country we love. As you think about how to support us, please be in prayer that clarity and wisdom comes through this process. If our journey ends at six months, love it or hate it, that is completely fine with us as long as it’s the right thing.

If you’d like to make a monetary donation while we’re there, we’ve set up two options here on the website. You can sign up for recurring donations here. These donations will expire after six months, when we will be returning from England. You can also make a one-time donation here. Finally, there are still a few t-shirts left on the site. Please make your order for those by midnight on Friday, as we’ll be pulling them down after that.

Again, please accept our greatest thanks and appreciation for all you have done to help us make this opportunity a reality. We love you all dearly and will miss you all while we’re away.

Cheers and #VivaLondon!

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