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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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I love Christmas time.  All things about it.  The music, movies, making gifts, decorating, baking… I just love it all.  Harlan does his best to contain my love for this season to it’s appropriate time frame (even though he’s fully aware that I watch Christmas movies year-round).  I’m not allowed to set up our tree until Thanksgiving is officially over.  But you can bet, as soon as that leftover turkey is in the fridge, I’ve got White Christmas playing and decorations are on their way up.  One of my favorite parts of the decorating is our Advent calendar.

When Baron was first born, a friend told me something that really stuck with me.  When your kids are grown, they’re not going to remember gifts you bought for them.  What they remember is the things you do together.  It’s so true.  So we choose to spend time together making memories and coming up with our own traditions.

With that in mind, I gathered up a bunch of miscellaneous envelopes, boxes and trimmings, and set to work with my hot glue gun.  A few hours later, this beauty is what emerged.  I’ve seen plenty of these that are simply a countdown with a piece of candy or something for each day leading up to the 25th.  But I wanted to do something a little different.  We try to savor every little bit of Christmas we can.  Making memories each day, and not rushing through, missing out on the joy of the season.  Each opening has a card inside with an activity for that day.

We spend a decent amount of time searching for events in the area that we’d like to check out – parades, city events, etc.  Once those are set, we fill in with simple things like family movie night, hot cocoa by the fire, crafts and baking goodies for friends.  We’re really flexible with it all, so it’s not a big deal if we need to move things around.  But overall, I’m hoping this is the beginning of some great memories for Baron when he’s grown.

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