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Reflections for a New Year: Regret, hope, and legacy.

| Posted by Harlan

I usually do a lot of editing to my writing. I try to be very clear and very precise about what I say and how I say it. This time around, I didn’t. What follows is a stream-of-consciousness rant that I think more adequately expresses the winding and messy journey life can be sometimes. It gets pretty personal and pretty real from here on out…for better and worse. It’s gritty because life is gritty. If you can handle that…read on.

I’ve written posts like this before. The twilight of another year invites reflection on the past and consideration toward the future. There’s the feeling that life is gradually slipping through your fingertips and at any moment you’ll look up and life as you know it will be over. It will be too late to do take that trip to Machu Picchu or to write the next great American novel. I’m not intending to be gloomy, it’s simply a fact. You and I are running out of time.

People take that feeling a few different ways. Some board up the windows to their souls and prepare for the storms of life and death to wash them away. Others put on that raincoat and power through, and live their days in a reckless abandon to fulfill all their goals. I think most of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle. We want the abandon but fear the storm. Maybe I’m the only one. I’m going to go out on a limb here and get deeply personal for a moment, if you’ll allow it. I want to share with you my greatest fear; the one that keeps me up at night and messes with my entire universe. Continue Reading

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