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Harlan vs. Food Round Two: Smoked Brisket

| Posted by Harlan

Smoked brisket is an amazing thing. There is an incredible amount of joy that comes from finding a place that has a perfectly smoked, thick-cut brisket with a great sauce. Yvette and I have enjoyed many briskets in many states across the U.S., but I have yet to dare to attempt making one myself. Something about it always intimidated me.

That said, I’ve been on the cooking and man-stuff kick lately, and I refused to be intimidated by this cut of beef anymore. So I went to the grocery and picked one up. After choosing between a 2-lb. and a 12-lb. brisket, to which there was no middle ground, I decided on the 12 and cut it into 3 sections of about 4-lbs each.

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