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Drawing Baron

| Posted by Yvette

We’re in Midland for the weekend visiting Mamaw and Papaw (Harlan’s parents). When we’re at home, I spend most of my time busy with work or whatever project I’ve got going at the time. So today I decided to just relax and enjoy my beautiful boy. I’ve spent the majority of the day in the recliner with Baron asleep on my chest. After staring at him for a while thinking about how beautiful he is, I was inspired to draw him. Harlan brought me some paper and a pen and I started drawing for the first time in a long time. I get so busy with all these random creative projects around the house that I don’t make time for art anymore. Continue Reading

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Baron’s First Road Trip

| Posted by Harlan

We’re already getting behind on posting regularly…sorry about that.  Not a whole lot of news in our world; mostly just watching Baron grow from under 6 pounds to nearly 11 pounds in just a few short weeks.  We hit Baron’s 7th week last Tuesday.  No, he’s still not sleeping through the night, but comparatively speaking, we’re doing really well.

One fun note for the week is Baron’s first ever road trip this week.  He’s made it out to Frisco for a FC Dallas game (a hot, miserable fiasco that we’ll not be attempting again anytime soon), but hasn’t gone any farther than that. So we thought it would be a good time to pack up Bear’s paraphernalia and take him out to Midland to see his Mamaw and Papaw (my parents).

So that’s a little update from us for now.  We’ll get better at updating…promise.

Here’s a few pictures for now…we’ll add more when we get home.

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