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Fear is a Liar

| Posted by Harlan

We’re reeling, and understandably so.

Another tragedy has hit too close to home and we find ourselves in a state of shock, anxiety, anger, and fear. It’s natural to be afraid. It’s natural to hold tight to the things that make you feel secure – the things that make you feel safe. After all, no one wants their loved ones to be in danger, and no one wants the security of their life to be at risk.

Nonetheless, we live in a climate that promotes and fosters anger and fear. In the search for headlines and views and clicks, we’ve positioned our news outlets and social media feeds to shout at us. The shouting has infiltrated us like poison, and has spread to every facet of our lives. We breathe and drink and soak up every bit of fear and anxiety we can – and worst of all, we encourage others to consume that death as well. And then we wonder why the world is so broken.

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