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The Grey Matters

| Posted by Harlan

The Grey Matters was the landing spot for the creative and contemplative works that bounce around the confines of my head, as well as the inspirations that put them there. With the re-release of Viva, we decided to merge the blogs. Below is the meaning behind TGM.

I just want to be genuine. Authentic. Honest.

Anything more that I say about it wouldn’t quite do it justice.

Hi, my name is Harlan, and I live in Fort Worth, Texas with a beautiful and patient wife, Yvette, our son Baron, and our rescue dog Fenway. I work as a Creative Director and Web Developer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. I am passionate about writing, music, tea, soccer – primarily the great Chelsea Football Club – and globe-trotting.

I often refer to myself as a tortured soul, even though I agree it sounds a bit pretentious. I’m an over thinker, I’m narcissistic, impulsive, stubborn, skeptical. But I’m also hopeful, persevering, compassionate, loving, thoughtful. I struggle with faith, and find myself unable to let it go. I am eternally tolerant of the miscreant and a brick wall to the proud and judgmental. I’m somewhere between who I was yesterday and who I’m supposed to be.

The Grey Matters started as a blurry concept in my head in early 2009.

The treble of TGM is, above all, a series of individual influences to me. The most obvious of all is related to grey matter, which is in essence a part of your central nervous system, or more specifically, your brain. Informally it refers to your intelligence, your ability to think and sort out complexity. Then there’s the grey matters, those issues and scenarios which fall somewhere in between the black and the white of absolute. I tend to think most people, things, situations, circumstances, behaviors, and feelings fall somewhere in the blended grey of black and white. Grey is my favorite color. This leads me to the final piece, and it’s simply: the grey matters. It matters. It’s important. When so much of what we do is defined as musts and have-tos and cannots and must nots, we can become so polarized, and ultimately violently frustrated and malignant to the peace and accord that we all seek in life.

Originally, The Grey Matters was to be the band name for some of the music I was working on back then. I was struggling, as I often do, with overthinking and recycling distractions, and it helped me to put a name to some of the output from that time. In mid-2013, I decided to turn The Grey Matters into the outlet for all of my creative endeavors. Though initially its intention was the outlet for just my music, I felt this would be a good opportunity to relieve some pressure that had been building up in my mind. The lack of a real outlet had proven itself, for lack of a better word, destructive. So in no certain timeframes and with no measure of consistency, I’ll update this blog with new and old writings that represent the philosophies, thoughts, and creations of my mind. Who knows, maybe there’ll even be some music in there from time to time.

I do hope you enjoy what you find here and that it challenges you in some way. Even more, I hope you’ll contribute and further the discussions. While this place is primarily my voice, I would like nothing more than to listen to yours.

Husband. Father. Amateur Entrepreneur at @paradigmdfw, @orsorealty, & @grymttrs. Collector of hobbies.

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