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A.K.A. – How you can support us!

**** Updated August 25th ****

As we mentioned in our previous post, there are a few different ways you can support our journey to England, and the work we’ll be doing there with WellSpring Church.

First, you can pray. We need people to commit to praying for us on a regular basis. We will be updating this blog regularly so you can follow our progress and see the areas in which you can be thinking and praying. Also, we’ll be using the #VivaLondon hashtag for everything related to our blog and our journey, so you can follow us on social media through that.

VivaLondonShirtSecond, you can buy this shirt. All the proceeds from the sales of the #vivalondon shirt go directly to supporting our mission while in England. Buying and wearing this shirt not only helps us financially, it also shows us you support us, and potentially creates a conversation starter so you can share our mission. Plus it’s soft and has that new shirt smell. There are only a few of these shirts left – and sales will close at midnight Friday August 28th. Get one before they’re gone!

Third, you can make a monetary donation. We are working with Living Church (our home church in Mansfield, Texas) to provide a way to donate directly to them, and they can route that support to us. This will help with anything tax-related, and keep us accountable to your support. You can also give to us directly via a donation here, or set up recurring donation payments (expiring after 6 months) here.

We are extremely grateful for any support you can give along the way. In no way should you feel obligated at all to give, but as we said, we’d love it if you’d continue to put us in your thoughts and prayers along the way. Thank you!

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